Norclamp is a specialist in high-end and standardized clamps for the oil and gas industry, offering you the widest choice of fittings for your application.


Our clamps are reliable, readily available for emergency delivery, and cost-effective. They are backed by a history of pioneering subsea innovation and a proven track record from some of the world’s most demanding subsea environments. 


Norclamp Subsea clamp family is the perfect example of Norway’s renowned subsea technology solutions, developed through decades of engineering innovation to withstand harsh weather, deep waters, and strict regulatory standards.  

Powered by IK Group, our exceptional mechanical fittings have played a vital role in repairing and maintaining pipeline and production systems around the world for over 30 years. 


Contact our team today for detailed information and to discuss how our products can meet your specific needs. 


Norclamp Value-Added Reseller (VAR)

The Norclamp family of clamps can also undergo local production and assembly. Through our exceptional supply chain, we ensure that our clamps are crafted in close proximity to their final destination, maintaining the exact  standards for which our brand is renowned.